On this page I’ll be compiling a collection of writing and resources from people I’ve learned from and am inspired by.

I’m just getting started, so if you have any suggestions to add, please let me know.


Beyond the Cliff: Trauma-Informed Practice

In this TED talk at the Washington Corrections Center for Women, activist, writer, and social worker Laura van Dernoot Lipsky talks about the cumulative toll of secondary trauma. Lipsky’s book Trauma Stewardship is an amazing resource for adopting mindfulness-based, trauma-sensitive practice.


Power-Under: Trauma and Nonviolent Social Change

In this book (available to download at no cost), activist and mental-health worker Steve Wineman analyzes connections between trauma and oppression. He shows the way in which trauma serves as a link in a complex chain of domination, and offers strategies to help build effective social change movements.


Prentis Hemphill on Healing Justice

In this article, Black Lives Matter Healing Justice Director Prentis Hemphill defines "healing justice" and how it relates to trauma, oppression, and Black-led movements. "Healing justice," he writes, "is the how of our movements – it’s the texture, the experience and the vision that guides us."